Terms & Conditions

All deposits are non refundable, unless agreed by DRL

Any fees owing shall be paid to the driver at the start on the day of the booking.

A over time fee will be charged at $200 a hour or $50 every 15 min. Please take into consideration that toilet stops or pick-ups that have not been previously organised in the booking will most likely causes the limousine to run over time.

The following fees will be charged to your credit card*:

  • Overtime charges: if not paid in to the driver on the day/night of the booking;
  • Any outstanding balance, if not paid on the night/day of the booking.
  • Any damage caused to the limousine by the Customer and/or the Customer's guests.
  • If a customer is sick in the limousine due to the consumption of alcohol a $500 cleaning fee will be charged to their credit card.
  • Any cancellations must be made within 7 days before the booking. Failing to do so will incur a $150 charge.
  • A $20 fee will be charged for each Champaign glass or cup class that is broken in any of our vehicles.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in our vehicles. Any customer that is caught smoking in our vehicles will cause the journey to end. All customer's will be asked to get out of the limousine and a taxi will be called.

All bookings cannot exceed the seating capacity of 11 passengers. Made up of 10 passengers seated in the back of the limousine and 1 passenger in the front with the driver. The driver will not depart if other wise.

If a vehicle is double booked and Limousine Hire Melbourne has not been notified the full amount of the booking will be charged to your credit card. For example if you have booked our limousine for $500 and a driver comes to the pick-up location, if there is another limousine to do the job that you booked Limousine Hire Melbourne to do and you have not notified us of the cancellation, we will charge your credit card $500.

Limousine Hire Melbourne will not be responsible for delays caused by road conditions, weather and/or road accidents.

Limousine Hire Melbourne is not and will not be held responsible for any lost or stolen goods during the limousine booking, this also includes the limousine being broken into.

All our limousines are fitted with seat belts and it is the law in Australia to wear them. Our drivers will not depart until all the passengers are wearing their seat belts. We take no responsibility if our vehicle is pulled over by the Victorian police or Victorian taxi directorate and fine you, the passenger, for not wearing your seat belt.

By reading these terms and conditions you the person booking the vehicle agree to these term and conditions.